Whether you hire or buy your broadcast equipment, Floating Motion can help you get the shots you want. Owner and manager Jago Michell has been in the industry all his life. He draws on his own experience to offer specialist equipment and advice. Read on to find out more about our expert team and top-of-the-range products.

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Our equipment

Tango Roller 2.2m Kit

The Tango Roller is a slider based on the principles of a Dolly. The specially selected wheels allow super smooth transitions across any length of Tango track eliminating the use of noisy bearings.

Panther Compact Pixy Crane

Offers three levels of usage from the 1.5 metre jib arm to a 4.3 metre crane.

Panther Trixy remote head

The new TRIXY remote system is a real jack of all trades. With up to three axes, cameras can be moved in every conceivable direction. Slip rings enable unlimited freedom of movement.

Easy Steady Lite & Go

Stabilisation system for cameras up to 8.5kg.

Solid Grip Systems Twindolly

Rail system for tracking shots in difficult places.

Panther - Roller plate

The lightweight Roller Plate is the ideal dolly for ENG productions.

ProSup E-jib

A neat solution, converting any 100mm tripod bowl into a jib arm.


Has many applications from in-shore rescue to a full military capability but, if you want to get your camera out there on the waves for difficult nautical shoots, the pods’ stable platform afloat just might be for you.


Nothing insures better protection for your tripod than a Tuffpak. If you absolutely, positively, have to arrive at your next shoot ready to go, there is no substitute.

ProSup Laptop Dolly

See what the ProSup laptop dolly package includes.

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